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Here it is! The first official ripoff of "Pacific Rim", before "Pacific Rim" is even released.

The movie isn't even being subtle about it. I mean, just look at its title! That should tell you enough already. But then again, when where movies done by The Asylum ever subtle about anything?

So here we have a movie about giant robots battling giant monsters. How could that be bad, you may be wondering? Well, just leave it up to The Asylum to mess things up! It's already a bad and lame thing to rip a certain movie off but what's worse about it is that it in no way ever becomes an entertaining enough movie to watch, on its own right. Despite having an obvious awesome concept, the movie is lacking any sort of true creativity and does a poor job handling all of its action and excitement.

Annoying thing about this movie is that it isn't really following a main story, which seems like an odd thing for a movie that had 3 different writers involved with it. Nothing gets buildup or explained and everything that happens in the movie seems to be without consequences. I love it how giant monsters attack but absolutely nobody in the world is panicking and the soldiers that have to fight them even find the time to go to bars, get drunk and have time for romance, in between battles, like nothing dangerous or unusual is going on outside. The movie also doesn't really explain why the military would conveniently have a bunch of giant, "Power Rangers" looking robots, laying around, or why giant monsters suddenly emerge from the sea and start to attack our cities.

Also weird to see how the movie feels the need to include a human villain in it as well. In this case some sort of army general, or something, who's wearing an eye-patch (yeah, I'm not kidding) and wants to nuke everyone and everything it seems, for some inexplainable reason. Guess eye-patches just make people evil.

The movie is also lacking some likable enough characters. The main, tough-talking, soldier characters are mostly annoying really and it's not like they have an awful lot of depth or originality to them. They are far from interesting and likable ones but I don't want to blame just the actors for this. Yes, the acting in this is absolutely horrible but even Graham Greene is awful in it, who normally really is a very capable actor. So blame the writing and directing as well. No one seemed really interested- or concerned about turning this into a good, fun or remotely original movie. Everyone involved obviously simply did it for the paycheck and were hoping no one would ever notice this movie. Too late for that!

Is there at least some decent action to enjoy? Not really. This obviously is a movie with a very low budget, which means that most of action is cheap looking as well. I do admit that as far as these type of movies go, the special effects aren't the worst that I have ever seen but it's still pretty bad to watch all. At times the movie even looks like it got shot inside of someone's garage and at the The Asylum offices, with its employees as extras.

It's an incredibly stupid and poorly handled movie, that really isn't worth any of your time.


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2 reacties:

  1. I've just wasted 81 minutes of my life that I cant get back watching this rubbish. :-(

  2. thank god I watch the trailer before watching this pile of crap... how can anyone manage to ruin a giant robot v monsters movie!? The Asylum writers should be locked away for good...