This looks like a good movie, this feels like a good movie, I only wish I could also understand what was happening in it.

Talking about some wasted opportunity. Or perhaps I should rather say; talking about style over substance. When it comes down to it, that's the biggest problem of the movie. Absolutely nothing wrong with its production values, also nothing wrong with the acting but the story is told in a very convoluted way, even while in essence its story is still a pretty straightforward and formulaic one, which probably also explains why the film-makers felt the need to overcompensate with its storytelling.

The movie loves to throw in all sort of characters and developments, who appear to be important for the movie and its progress but the movie doesn't really explain very well why. It doesn't really give you enough background or explanation to anything, which also has as a result that the characters don't ever really work out as the best or most interesting ones. It's hard to truly care for anyone in this movie, because you never really get to know them that well and because you just don't know what their motivation and ultimate goal is.

Sounds like an awful and nearly unwatchable movie but strangely enough it isn't. The movie still manages to give you the sense that everything that gets told and happens is important in some way and relevant in relation to something else. Can't say that movie ever reaches a very satisfying conclusion with anything as well but it at least helps to keep you interest in the movie and it makes you want to know what it's all leading up to.

There is also plenty of action. Nothing too big or spectacular but it helps to keep things going and ensures that the movie never starts to drag or bore. It gets kind of annoying after a while though to see all of the characters shooting hundreds of bullets at each other throughout this movie, while rarely hitting anyone. It sort of goes at the expense of the movie its credibility.

But still, the foremost thing that this movie still has going for it is its look. Despite its low-budget, it's an incredibly professional and slick looking movie, with a nice visual style and great cinematography, though dark is certainly a keyword, all throughout this movie.

Can't say I liked it but also can't say I hated it.


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