It was obvious what this movie was trying to achieve but in my eyes it failed miserably.

Yet again, here we have another one of those movies that features multiple different story lines, involving different characters, that are all intertwined. The story lines keep coming together, as the movie continues to tell the same story, seen from multiple different perspectives. It shows how certain choices could affect another person and an outcome of a situation. The so called ripple effect. That's all fine and good but the problem with each and every storyline in this movie is that they are all far from interesting or fun to watch.

It's all due to a combination of things. One are its characters. Absolutely none of them get properly developed, so why should you care about anyone in this movie? Another problem with the movie is that it's being a comedy, more than anything else really. Problem with that is that the movie just never is a funny- or very fun one to watch. All of the situations are highly improbable and at times it feels like the stories are going nowhere and just aren't moving forward anymore after a while. Besides, the way some of the stories are connected at times is all far from solid. The story approach doesn't really work out too well in this case. The movie is besides lacking a good clear point to its story. I just don't know what was supposed to be the moral of this movie and what I was supposed to take out of it

It makes this not only a very lacking movie but also a quite annoying one at times. Especially since it really seems to think that it's being a very clever and funny movie. Well, first of all, the concept and the approach of it all isn't all that terribly original and innovative anymore but secondly- and what's worse about it, is that the execution of it all is a far from effective one.

Because the storytelling is non-linear as well, it often jumps back and forth in time. This actually causes the movie to slow down and drag a bit, also since you already know everything that's eventually going to happen of course. It just doesn't change or adds all that much that the story gets told from different perspectives, since the movie never manages to becomes truly interesting with its story or engaging with any of its characters.

No, it doesn't matter that the likes of Christopher Walken are in this movie as well. I don't even understand why he said yes to this movie. Guess it was just a fast and simple paycheck for him or maybe he is friends with someone that was involved with this movie. Anyway, it's not like he is the main character of this movie, though of course he still gets advertised as such.

A poor genre effort.


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  1. I would suggest you remove this review and actually finish watching the film before posting a review. I watched this last night on iTunes. Thought it was much more interesting that you write. Perspectives not changing the story? Are you serious? And how do you review a film like this without discussing the Clone Jesus connection to Few?