Out of all superheroes, Superman is probably one of the least interesting ones, in my opinion. Having said that, thank goodness there still are some great movies based around him!

Thing that makes Superman one of the lesser interesting superheroes to watch is because well, he has superpowers! He's basically indestructible and he can fly, has unparalleled strength, can breath in space, shoot lasers from his eyes and whatever more! He's the perfect superhero and that's probably also what makes him one of the least interesting ones. Also character-wise, he isn't all that exciting and a bit of a bore in some ways. I believe that's also why most of the movies that focus more on his personality fail to succeed at both the box offices and critically. None of that is however a problem with this movie. It has plenty of distractions in it, in the form of some good action!

It's a literally action filled movie, from start to finish. Personal issues and drama gets mostly pushed to the background, so it never gets in the way of the movie its entertainment. And all of the action is done pretty well and is exciting to watch. We get to see plenty of chases and Superman taking on an army of intergalactic droids, as well as one of his archenemies Brainiac.

And as it turned out, Brainiac is a pretty good adversary for Superman in this movie. When his powers and Superman's powers clash, it's usually something pretty exciting to watch. Brainiac mostly uses his, well brains, to battle Superman, by learning all about his weaknesses and use it against him. There's probably some more they could have done with this concept but oh well, it still works out well for the movie and it was something that made me hungry for more. I would love to see some more Superman movies, in which our hero has to take on Brainiac.

Animation-wise, these DC/Warner Bros. movies are never the most impressive ones but the animations always serves its purpose and never make the movie a truly awful or cheap looking one. Besides, the action is still particularly good looking for this movie, so that all sorts of make up for the movie its lesser impressive looking character design and other sequences.

I particularly wasn't all that impressed with Supergirl. Or I should rather say, I wasn't too fond of her character design. Her costume is ridicules and despite her undeniable superpowers, she's still a fragile looking character. Luckilly the movie isn't all about her, so it's not a big issue really!

The voice acting is pretty good. Normally it's a big annoyance of mine. bad voice acting is really something that can take me out of an animated movie but it never bothered me once during this movie. It shows that it's all about getting the right sort of actors for the job and not about getting the right sort of big names, that you can put on the posters or DVD cover.

It's nothing too brilliant but it simply is a pretty good and entertaining Superman outing!


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