Perhaps I'm not really the right person to rate this movie. Even though I have seen all Fast & Furious movies, made prior to this one, I barely remember anything about them and I'm totally not into the series. Never have been and probably never will be.

And no, this movie, that is generally regarded as the best out of the series, isn't going to change that. Sure, it's some big, overblown, action fun but not really of very high quality, in my opinion.

15 minutes in and I have already seen two big action set-pieces but I still have absolutely no idea what its story is supposed to be all about and who all of these different characters that are in it, are exactly. The whole movie is basically being like that for me. A lot of stuff is happening but I never really know how or why it's all happening and why all of these different characters had to show up in it. Lets face it, there was really no good reason to bring back basically every main character out of all of the previous Fast & Furious installments. If only the title had some more truth in it and the movie indeed did feature only 5 main characters , it would have most likely been a more pleasant and easier to follow movie. Not that the movie is overly complicated but it just gets confusing and annoying after a while to see so many characters do so many different things, especially when you really don't care very much for any of them.

Still I consider this movie to be one of the better ones out of the long running franchise. Not that that's saying very much though, since I never really liked any of the other previous installments, expect for the 2009 movie "Fast & Furious". Thing that this movie obviously still has going for it is its pace and action. Even though I wasn't all that fond of the movie its action, it at least helps to keep the movie going and an interesting one to watch. I never cared for the story, dialog or any of the characters, so I was always looking forward to the next action set-piece that would come. And this movie luckily has plenty of action moments in it, though like I said before, I still had plenty of problems with that as well.

The problem with the action for me was that it's all terribly over-the-top. The laws of physics don't apply to the Fast & Furious movies I suppose. The same could of course be said for a majority of action flicks but in this particular case it kept on bothering me. The way stuff flies through the air and blows up just doesn't make any logical sense and the stuff that some of the characters survive in this movie is absolutely preposterous.

Still a thing I liked about the movie its action was that it wasn't just focusing on racing with the cars but also tons of other car related stuff and other more conventional action.

Another positive thing about this movie is Dwayne Johnson's presence. He makes up for the charisma and screen presence that Vin Diesel is lacking in this movie. Diesel just looked bored, uninterested and just plain tired throughout the entire movie and to be frank, his acting was terribly lacking as well and I'm actually a person who has always defended his acting in the past.

Still as a dumb action-flick, or perhaps I should rather say popcorn-flick, it works out as a fun and entertaining enough movie. Just not really my cup of tea I suppose.


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