As far as revenge flicks go; this has got to be one of the worst and silliest ones I have seen in my lifetime!

Revenge flicks are always fun to watch and '80's action flicks are also always something special. So a combination of those two elements sounds like a totally awesome and entertaining thing but yet somehow this movie manages to be an absolutely terrible one!

Sure, it's a B-movie but I have seen plenty of B-movies that sill managed to work out as engaging and entertaining ones. This movie succeeds at neither. It's deprived of any emotions and the movie is more silly than entertaining really. Good thing about it is that it is a fairly short movie, so it never gets the chance to develop into something truly horrendous.

It's still one of those movies that gets worse and worse as it keeps on progressing. The beginning is still pretty promising and it made it seem like this could be a pretty good and enjoyable flick but the movie keeps throwing in lots of ridicules developments, that don't exactly make this a very convincing movie to watch. Even by normal genre standards, this is an absolutely ridicules movie, that goes completely overboard, once the gloves are off and unfortunately not in a positive or very entertaining way.

The idea of having a motorcycle gang terrorize the Gary Busey character and his family is a bit of a too simplistic one, that's lacking any true substance to it. The Busey character never comes across as truly mad or desperate, even though some terrible things are happening to his family in this movie. It's therefore also hard to get behind him and root for him throughout this entire movie. Besides, he's Gary Busey. It's not like he has a very sympathetic look to him and it seems like a pretty odd choice to cast him as the movie its main lead and hero. The same thing can also be said about the Yaphet Kotto character. It's a waste of two great actors, who are just normally way better and more fun to watch when they are playing villains. Who knows how awesome this movie actually could have been with Gary Busey as the main villain and Yaphet Kotto as his henchman.

It's a very sloppy movie, in just about every regard. Acting-wise, the writing but also the editing and action itself feels terribly lacking. Sure, there are some nice explosions and some pretty decent bike stunts but they aren't ever really incorporated into the movie and its story that very well. They appear at random and feel too much over-the-top.

Just too silly and not very enjoyable to watch.


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