Not just every animated movie is fun, as this one clearly shows.

No, I can't even see how young kids could possibly be entertained by this movie. The comedy is bad...just bad. And not necessarily just because it's mostly being some very formulaic and predicable stuff but also because of its poor execution. It's as if the movie made no real effort to be a good, creative and original one and everyone involved did it for just the paycheck.

The movie never really has a pleasant flow to it and it's hard to get into it. The movie simply expects you to get behind its characters and go along with its story but without giving you any good reasons why. There isn't a very good buildup to either its story or characters, which causes you to also loose interest in this movie, pretty early on already. I therefore also believe that this just isn't a very good or effective movie for kids, since they'll most likely eventually end up getting bored with it, despite the fact that there is always something happening on the screen and the movie is filled with lots of bright colors.

And despite that there's always something happening, it still feels like there just isn't enough going on in this movie. It's possibly because it's a movie by the numbers, so you already know how things are going to play out but it's also really because the movie its story is lacking any sort of depth or true emotions. The wife and kid of the movie its main character are for instance underused and potentially could have provided the movie with some more depth and emotions. But also the villain feels weak and surely they could have come up with someone more original and effective. Having just an army general as your main villain isn't going to be enough, whether he's being voiced by William Shatner or not. Especially not when you have a movie that's already filled with all sorts of crazy, big and far more dangerous and powerful looking aliens in it.

The movie actually has a very surprising and big voice cast. Lots of well known names were involved and it seems that this movie spend more money on getting big name actors, rather than on the actual movie. It really shows. Not that the movie is a terrible looking one but it isn't an incredibly detailed looking movie. Just like it writing, it comes across as somewhat lazy film-making at times and especially all of the character designs and the way they appear and interact in the eventual movie is something that feels specifically lacking and disappointing. Lets just say I don't expect kids to bug their parents about getting them a Gary Supernova toy or a Scorch Supernova lunch box.

And speaking of Scorch Supernova, that Brendan Fraser is really doing a poor Patrick Warburton impression! No idea what he was trying to do there but it was very distracting and annoying. Luckily he isn't being the main character though, though I still have to admit that his character in potential still could have been a far better and more interesting one than the movie its actual main character Gary Supernova, voiced by Rob Corddry.

I also don't really see what people are supposed to take out of this movie. There are no real good morals or messages in this movie, as these type of kid movies often tend to feature. I don't think it's because they weren't trying but I do think it was simply because their attempts at it all were very poor and ineffective ones. It only works if you actually feel remotely engaged with the movie, its story and character, which just never is the case with this movie.

No matter if you are a 4, 6, 12, 16, 22, 40, or 97-year old, or any other age in between, below or above, you're simply better off not watching this movie.


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