Why isn't this movie hated more? It's an insanely bad one!

I have to use some spoilers in my review for this movie, just to get some of my points and hatred for this movie across. But none of that should really matter anyway, since you shouldn't be watching this movie in the first place!

Here, it is boys and girls! World's most boring alien invasion movie! That's not a spoiler is it? Everything about the movie and its advertising make it all very apparent that this is a movie that involves aliens. Yet, the movie takes the longest time to finally acknowledge this and it first spends an hour wasting your time on building up false suspense and mystery, without ever becoming truly exciting or interesting, in any way.

If you are one of those persons that absolutely hated the M. Night Shyamalan movie "Signs" (and just for the record, I'm not one of those persons) than you are absolutely going to hate this movie even more. It features a similar sort of buildup, only handled way worse. At least "Signs" still had plenty of good and fun moments in it and some likable characters as well. This movie has absolutely none of that!

I am sorry if I sound angry but that's because I am! I just absolutely hated watching this movie and was extremely annoyed by some of the choices this movie made with its story and directions it went into.

Thing with the story is that it begins with a bunch of persons overreacting to a bunch of weird occurrences. And that's it really, some of the events that happen are just odd but certainly noting to instantly freak out about and instantly assume the absolute worst. They act like Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers is after them, while in fact only some food disappeared out of the fridge and some pictures disappeared off the walls (no I'm not making this up and I'm not exaggerating either). Then, about halfway through, they suddenly start to become more rational and decide to investigate. It doesn't take long before they agree on it that it must be aliens that are messing with their lives. However, than for some inexplainable and totally insane reason, they suddenly start to blame each other again, even though a couple of scenes before that they witnessed some very obviously unearthly, or at least inhuman, occurrences. What is with these people? Sorry to spoil some of the story to you but there is simply absolutely no reason to watch this movie in the first place, if you haven't done so already. In that case, I'm very sorry for you and you have my sympathy.

Perhaps that's still the biggest problem with this movie. Because the characters make some totally illogical decisions, it's also hard to get behind them and care about them as characters. They are just stupid and annoying, more than anything else really. And when are movies going to learn that an annoying little kid is just an annoying little kid and there is absolutely nothing cute or fun about it. It's the sort of movie that makes little kids say and do stupid things, that no normal kid would ever say or do, let alone in a situation such as the one presented in this movie.

It's also annoying how the movie doesn't really explain anything to you. It's basically just telling you; 'This is the way it is and don't even ask why because we don't know either and there is just no logical explanation for any of it'. That's basically the thing that's being said to you in the scenes featuring the J.K. Simmons character. But really, it just doesn't make any sense for the aliens to start messing with a family, like a bunch of immature teenage pranksters, before they finally decide to go in and do the thing they obviously came for in the first place.

And the ending...Well, my guess is that this movie was aiming for a sequel but thankfully I haven't heard anything yet about a potential sequel that is in development or in the planning. The ending as it is is just one big anticlimax. Certainly not worth the long, boring, wait!



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