Modern horror movies aren't exactly known for their quality and true creativity and it are formulaic movies such as this one that are starting to give the genre a truly bad name!

Absolutely nothing special, original, shocking, surprising, tense, interesting or effective about this movie. I'm even somewhat reluctant to call this a horror movie. Sure, it has the typical buildup and atmosphere to it but there is far too little happening in it to consider this movie to be a full blown horror, that the lovers of the genre could enjoy.

I'm OK with slower type of genre movies, that keep building up, rather than constantly throwing disturbing or scary stuff at you but the movie needs to at least give me something to stay remotely interested in it and to make me want to keep on watching. This movie just never gives you any reason why you should keep on watching, so why should you bother with it?

So, weird things start to happen and strange ghostly figures start to appear, once a young couple and their baby move in to a remote house, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the woods (surprise, surprise!). But what do our main characters do? Absolute nothing! They don't talk about it, they don't investigate. They do absolutely nothing to make sense of things or try to find some answers and come up with any solutions.

There where so many directions they could have taken the story in but the movie just never makes any real choices with anything. By the end of it, the movie also by far leaves more questions than answers. It hardly explains anything at all. Very annoying and disappointing, especially once you have struggled your way through this movie, only to find out that the ending isn't exactly a very rewarding one, or one that explains everything. Actually, the movie will most likely leave you confused and maybe even angry as well.

Just don't bother with this one.


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