An action flick based around the financial crisis? Sure, leave it up to Uwe Boll to come up with a thing like that!

This is an Uwe Boll movie, so lots of people are going to jump on it, regardless of its quality or intentions. But in all fairness and objectivity, is it truly a bad movie? It's a pretty dumb and maybe even borderline offensive movie but it most certainly is far from a terrible movie as well!

It's a pretty ridicules movie but no more than most other low budget genre flicks. The only main downside of the movie is that it's made hard at times to get behind the movie its main character. After all, he goes on a violent streak against bankers, who no doubt all had normal lives outside of their work and a wife and kids back at home. Seems maybe like Uwe Boll has a personal beef against the financial world or perhaps has lost lots of money during the crisis and with this movie he is venting his anger or living his fantasy, of wanting to seriously hurt those who are responsible for the situation, in his eyes and mind. The movie tries to justify things by portraying the bankers as James Bond type of villains but it's not really something that works out very convincing.

Or perhaps you should simply see this movie as a modern exploitation flick, that uses a much talked about and still relevant subject, lots of people can recognize themselves in and have a strong opinion about. And perhaps that's also the best way to look at this movie. Fore if most definitely isn't ever going for a too realistic approach with its story or violence either. You also don't feel that the movie is trying to make a true statement against anything or has a deeper sort of meaning to it.

Another silly thing about the story is that basically every sequences involves something that's related to the financial crisis. Every 'good' character gets hit by the crisis and every 'bad' character makes sure they get hit even harder, once they start to get up again. Seriously, everything about this movie feels heavily exaggerated and there's nothing too realistic or convincing about its main story, which to me is another indication not to take this movie too seriously either.

But in all truth, this movie just never becomes a truly bad one. It actually has a pleasant feel and pace to it. Sure, it doesn't begin violent or action packed and the movie takes its time to set its story and characters up at first but still the movie never drags or becomes a boring one. You also don't feel that the action enters the movie too late. The buildup to it is pretty good and effective, so it never feels like you are watching a slow or boring movie here. So yes, I actually have to say that Uwe Boll did some good things with his directing of this movie, as weird and as improbable that may sound.

I also liked some of the acting. Dominic Purcell perhaps isn't all that great, especially not when he is required to have and show emotions but other actors such as John Heard, Eric Roberts, Edward Furlong and Keith David are pretty good and enjoyable in this.

It's a good enough movie but obviously also nothing more than that. Just give this movie a fair shot. You actually could end up liking it.


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