This obviously isn't anything too great or spectacular but it's still a pretty decent movie, that's a perfectly watchable one within its genre.

Can't say that it fully takes advantage of its story and concept and it isn't always the most engaging or tense thriller to watch but the story as it is remains an interesting enough one, that provides the movie with plenty of good moments and twists in it. You could say it's a pretty standard movie within its genre, which is definitely true but at the same time it's handling most of the genre ingredients well, so I would simply have to call this a pretty decent genre flick as well.

It definitely could have done some more with its mystery and tension though. The movie doesn't always have the best buildup to it. It's the sort of thriller that simply mostly leaves you guessing about what's going on exactly and how things are going to develop and you constantly know just as much as the movie its main character, played by Paul Walker, knows at the moment. The way things develop and just happen in this movie never really work out all that believable or organic for the movie and sometimes it feels like the movie is going to develop into something bigger and more intriguing but it however never does. It remains a smaller type of genre movie, in just about every regard, including story-wise. It never makes things too complicated, which makes the movie easy to follow but at the same time also makes the movie a bit of an unremarkable and lackluster one.

This also means that there isn't ever really any big or spectacular action in it. There is still some in it and the action is definitely something pretty decent as well but it's scattered throughout the movie, so the movie itself never really becomes a true action flick (probably mostly due to budget reasons), though I somehow still believe this was the approach the film-makers were actually going for. It's shot and it's told as an action type of thriller but just don't be fooled, fore the actual movie is far from an action flick really.

But I'm not complaining too much though. The movie still delivers and is perfectly watchable, as a simpler and cheaper kind of thriller.


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