So this clearly is a movie with a heavy Christian overtone to it but what was I supposed to get out of this movie? What was its message? I can't even see how Christians could enjoy enjoy this movie, since it just never goes very deep into any of its Christian themes or values really.

By the end of the movie, no real conflicts have been resolved and no characters have really redeemed themselves or went through some other significant changes. In other words, this basically is a movie about nothing and therefore also a terribly pointless one to watch.

It's also really due to it that the movie isn't really following a clear and strong enough main plot line. Instead it randomly follows a whole bunch of related people around, without ever focusing on something interesting, or developing anything into something remotely engaging. One hour into the movie you start to realize that the movie still hasn't really done anything and isn't exactly building up toward anything all that great or interesting either.

It's actually kind of weird how this movie keeps teasing you. At times you think it's clearly going to be about a certain subject or character but the movie then suddenly decides to completely drop this idea and starts to become about something totally different and unrelated. The movie kills every little potentially interesting and original idea that it had, all by itself. It's as if it was afraid to really touch upon certain subjects and only wanted to hint at it, to avoid any controversy or dividedness amongst church goers. It clearly stayed on the safe side of things, with as a result that this is a movie that won't evoke any discussion or makes a clear statement about anything. That's fine, as long as the movie itself is still something well made, with great actors and likable characters that you care for, for instance. But simply none of that is the case with this movie.

Every time you think that the movie is going to develop into something remotely good or interesting, it totally drops the ball. It makes this a somewhat frustrating watch even, though I at the same time also still have to say that as far as these type of movies go, this isn't the most obnoxious or worst one that you can stumble upon. Since the movie isn't really ever going that deep into any of its themes, it never becomes a terribly preachy movie either, which for these type of movies is always a positive thing to note. It makes it slightly less annoying but still not much better than the usual genre outing, that have some heavy Christian overtones to it.

It's tolerable but definitely nothing recommendable!


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