This movie is not only titled "The English Teacher", it also indeed feels like a very British movie, despite the fact that it's actually an American movie, with also mostly an American cast and crew.

And saying that this movie has a very British vibe to it is of course a very positive thing to note, for a movie of this sort. The sort of comedy about life, that isn't ever heavily exaggerating anything but picks a more subtle and non-forced approach to its comedy and storytelling. Having said that, this still remains far from the best genre example though and I still had plenty of problems with it.

The one and foremost disappointing aspect about this movie is that it lacks bite. It's disappointing to see how formulaic and predictable this movie is being with all of its plot lines and characters. Really, absolutely nothing comes as a surprise in this movie and rather than to explore some controversial or not much talked about subjects, the movie picks a safe approach- and eventual also resolutions, to just about everything. This is not a movie that shall raise any discussion, or is going to leave a profound impression on you, with any of its subjects and plot lines. It hardly ever amounts to anything! Perhaps it was too afraid to offend anyone and therefore never becomes a daring movie to watch, in any way or form and instead remains a movie by the numbers.

But well, saying that this is movie by the numbers still doesn't make this a bad one though. After all, it may play by the numbers but it does it well. The movie at all times remains a perfectly watchable one, with a fine pace and some good performances by its cast. It actually has a pretty impressive cast-list, with actors such as Julianne Moore, Nathan Lane, Greg Kinnear and Lily Collins involved. Hard to say who they all said yes to this movie, after all it's hardly anything special, with a far from original, demanding or provoking script but their presence definitely gives the movie something extra, so I'm not complaining.

It's definitely not a great movie but certainly still watchable and entertaining enough, mostly due to its pace and fine actors involved, who are always great to watch on screen.


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