Sometimes less is more. Sometimes a movie can just cram too much story and characters into one movie, which unfortunately is something this movie didn't quite get.

And that's all a shame really. By simplifying and minimizing its story, this movie so easily could have turned into a truly compelling- and maybe even tense one to watch.

But don't get me wrong, it's not like this ever becomes a complicated or confusing movie to watch story-wise. It just happens to be so that the movie decides to throw in multiple different plot lines and characters, of which most are going absolutely nowhere. It has too many needless distractions in it, that besides don't add anything to the movie its tension or mystery. The main plot line of the movie seemed fine and interesting enough to me on its own, so you could say this movie is a bit of a missed opportunity.

Perhaps some of the story lines and characters wouldn't have felt as pointless if some of the characters got instead played by some lesser known actors. But once you see Susan Sarandon you expect her to become a big part of the movie. And also for instance, once Nick Nolte shows up, you expect him to start playing a crucial part within the movie its story. Certain actors raise certain expectations but in all honesty, most of the wonderful actors within this movie play some very throwaway roles. This goes for the likes of Susan Sarandon, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick, Sam Elliott, Chris Cooper and Nick Nolte, among others. It seems that Robert Redford (who also directed this movie) just has too many friends in Hollywood and wants to put them all in his movies.

Of course nothing wrong with the acting though. The cast-list along is probably already plenty of reason for some people to go watch this movie and it's not like this movie isn't worth seeing or disappointing as a whole but let me just say that all of the actors in this movie have been in far better ones. So don't expect too much from this movie, based on its cast-list.

Don't mean to sound too negative about this movie but it's always a shame to see some great potential go to waste. It's certainly still a perfectly watchable one, that unfortunately is just trying to do too much with its story, which not only results in some redundant moments and characters but also some poor developments, that already cause the movie to die down before the movie reaches its climax.


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