Once I got into the movie, it actually became one pretty entertaining and original ride!

The movie is still nothing too special really but it shows that some capable film-making can take things a long way, even when the movie itself never becomes anything spectacular, or features an overly complicated or clever type of plot. But perhaps this actually all is being a part of the movie its strength. It keeps things 'small' and simple, which adds to the overall 'rawness' of the movie. And you don't need big explosions or a gun/fist fight every 10 minutes, in order to becoming a thrilling action flick, as this movie clearly demonstrates. It shows that style and an original approach to things can make a movie just as entertaining, engaging and fast paced to watch as any other type of action movie, with a bigger budget and more spectacular looking and loud action involved.

That's the main thing about this movie; it's always going. It never really has a slow moment in it, in which things get setup or characters can reflect on the things that had just happened. I'll admit that this approach was at first sort of keeping me out of the movie. It throws you right in the midst of things, without setting things up properly first, or spends time on introducing all of its characters to you. It made me wonder if perhaps the movie was part of long running movie series, or one that got based on a popular comic book, or something like that. That would have explained why the movie didn't really bothered to buildup and explain everything because it more or less assumed that everybody watching the movie already knew all about its main character and his background. But no, none of that was true and as it turned out, this is simply the style of storytelling that the movie is using all throughout. And yes, once you get accustomed to it, it works out very well.

Thing I especially liked about the movie its storytelling was how it let most things take place at real time. Or at least it makes it feel that way, once it starts following its main character around, over the course of one night, when things are slowly starting to get from bad to worse for him, once he gets himself into trouble with the wrong people. It really gets you involved with the movie its story and the main character and keeps things tense and thrilling to watch, basically all throughout. In that regard the movie feels really effective and original, without really doing ever doing all that much, once you start analyzing. It's a very straightforward movie, without too many distractions, which does work out pleasantly for this particular movie.

The movie also has a really good look to it, with some nice cinematography and editing involved. It all suits the genre very well and helped to make this the fast paced and entertaining movie to watch that it is. Of course a remake is already on its way but it's a remake that may actually work out well, as long as its maintaining the same sort of style and approach to its storytelling and look and won't feel the need to 'upgrade' things, by inserting more and bigger action, more story twists, more characters, or anything else along those lines.

Definitely worth checking out.


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