All this movie basically consists out off are a couple of tough guys blowing each other away with guns. And why? because of some drugs and money. OK, that's fine but why do I have to watch this? There just isn't's a very pleasant or engaging main story to ever latch onto.

The movie has no good emotions in it, also not in the least because of its main characters. It isn't uncommon for a movie to have 'bad' guys as the movie its main protagonists but the movie needs to give you something to make you like them and care about them as well. This movie never does any of that and to be frank, I don't even remember any of the names of the main characters and I only just finished watching the movie.

But it's especially disappointing that this movie never seems to be following a good main plot line. Everything remains terribly underdeveloped and it just never seems like the movie is going anywhere- or building up toward something good or original with its story.

No, once you have seen a couple of crime flicks already, there basically is no good reason for you to ever watch this movie as well, for it's doing absolutely nothing new or surprising. But the fact that it's predictable and a movie by the numbers isn't even the worst thing about it. The worst thing is that it doesn't even manage to handle all of the genre clich├ęs in a good and effective enough way.

Well, I won't say it's the worst genre movie I have ever seen but it still remains one of the least effective and engaging ones I have seen in a long while. Main thing that the movie still has going for it is its look. Despite a low budget, the movie isn't as cheap and terrible looking as you perhaps would expect. So who knows. Maybe the director is actually capable of doing some good movies in the future, when he has a more decent script to work with.


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