This is a bit of an oddly constructed movie, that on the one hand is trying to be like a good old fashioned farce and at the other also still a very dry British costume drama. A combination that never works out successfully for this movie.

And really, nothing wrong with a farce. When done right, it's simply something very entertaining to watch, no matter how crazy and unlikely stuff gets at times. But only when done right though! And no, I really can't say that this movie ever got it right. It has lots of characters talking over each other and it spends some time on showing some of their eccentricities but the problem is that the writing is never truly anything clever or witty. It just wasn't anything amusing or funny to watch and instead annoyed me and somewhat bored me as well.

But I can't really say that the movie gets much better as it progresses and starts to take on a different sort of approach to its story. Once the dry drama kicks in, the movie isn't becoming anything more engaging or interesting to watch. Again, mostly due to its lacking writing, that never provides enough depth or background, to any of the movie its characters. The whole concept of the movie falls sort of flat, as the movie does a poor job at telling you why its main character doesn't want to, or perhaps isn't allowed to be, around the character she is truly in love with and it doesn't explain either why she is instead marrying some random other guy, who she clearly isn't ever into at all. She wants this guy to pursue her but once he does and gets to close, she pushes him away again. I just don't get why women do this. You either want a guy or you don't! Don't mess around with a guy's feelings like that! This all so easily could have been resolved by inserting some sort of conflict into the movie, that would make it clear why she was ready to get married to some other guy. Perhaps due to the pressure of her family, or because of money problems, or anything like that. But no, the movie remains mostly vague about all of the character's motivations. Perhaps you have to be a woman to understand? I don't know but seeing how this movie got written by a woman and is mostly showing and telling stuff from a female perspective, this could be the case for this movie.

It's not like this movie was completely unwatchable for me though. It's really too simplistic and harmless in its setup and execution to ever do anything terribly wrong, or become a completely horrible one with its characters or dialog. It has some good elements to it as well, such as its look, that is fine, despite th movie its, still obvious, low budget.

Still it's not a movie that I would recommend to anyone. Aside from its lacking script and storytelling, it also isn't featuring the best acting in it. Besides, it's somewhat annoying how this movie throws in all sorts of characters that you never really get to know or care for. It only adds to the confusion of things that are already happening in the movie its main story and their personalities don't add anything to either the fun or drama of the movie. The weak dialog certainly doesn't help much either.

It's obviously not the worst thing out there but there still is no good reason why you should ever watch it though.


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