To be honest, this movie was decent enough for most part but all of this got ruined by its absolutely terrible ending, that actual made me hate the movie.

Thing is that I literally watch dozens of movies like this each year and as far as these type of movies go, this honestly wasn't the worst one. It obviously wasn't a great movie but it served its purpose and pleased me well enough, as a lover of the genre. It had some good settings and an interesting premise, that both provided the movie with plenty of potential and opportunities. And honestly, despite of all of its obvious flaws and weaknesses I was all ready to give this movie a 5/10 rating. HOWEVERRRRRRR then the ending kicked in. It was such a huge and terrible cop out that I had to deduct not one but two points, from its eventual rating.

Also a bad thing about the ending was that once its horror truly kicked in, I already predicted how the movie was going to end. But at the same time I thought to myself; Nah, the movie isn't going to be that stupid or obvious to ever allow such a type of ending. And as the movie progressed I grow more and more confident of it that the movie indeed was heading for a totally different direction. Imaging my surprise, disappointment and anger when the movie toward its end flipped around again and it actually turned out that the movie had the terrible and absolutely cop out type of ending that I feared and suspected it would have, at the start of the movie. It's the sort of ending that thinks its being all clever and surprising with its 'twist' but the more you start the think about it, the less starts to make sense about it and it completely ruins basically everything that happened in the movie, prior to that point.

But no, it isn't just the ending that's bad about this movie. It obviously has far more problems than just that. One of the things is that it never uses its settings all that well. It's set in the catacombs below the Parisian streets but the movie never really has a claustrophobic feeling to it. Hard to say why, maybe it's because of the (poor) quick editing or perhaps there are too many full frontal shots and closeups. Or maybe it's simply due to the way the main character reacts to every situation.

The main character (played by Shannyn Sossamon) in this movie has just about the worst survival instinct imaginable really. So she knows there is a killer on the loose and she knows that he is after her but that doesn't prevent her from screaming and yelling her lungs out or to fool around with some serious big flashlights, in the dark catacombs. It doesn't even prevent her from building a fire and she never thinks about defending herself from the killer, by picking up a big rock or make a a sharp stake out of something, or anything along those lines (or at least not until the very end of the movie). No, she prefers to run around in her party dress, all defenseless. Weird thing about it also is that she never truly panics or freaks out, even though her character has some issues with dark places and gets scared very easily, as all clearly gets established at the start of the movie.

The movie is literally filled with moments like this, that just don't make any sense by both real life- and horror movie standards. There is some serious weak writing and there are plenty of plot holes and other inconsistencies in this movie at times.

It also features most of the usual horror clich├ęs. So expect a lot of false scare, before the 'real' action and horror truly kicks in. It also isn't the bloodiest or most exciting genre movie out there, so there are clearly better movies to watch (not even taking into consideration its terrible ending), if you're looking for a decent genre flick.

Really not worth watching.


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