The movie is just as bad as its title would suggest. But yes, don't worry, it's not a serious attempt but a genre spoof instead. Just not a very good or funny one though.

Main thing, that's absolutely essential for any type of comedy, is that you have some good humor in it. Well, this movie demonstrates though that writing and creating some decent comedy is one tough cookie, that clearly not everyone has the talent for. It's filled with lame and far from creative comedy, that's goofing on all of the familiar modern horror ingredients and movies. It's spoofing the found footage genre, paranormal TV shows and of course exorcism movies. All stuff you have seen before and also seen done better, in a far more creative and funny way. If you thought you had seen some bad horror spoofs before, you clearly haven't seen "Supernatural Activity" yet.

First of all, there is absolutely no good structure to its story and all of the events and characters pop up- and feel incredibly random. i don't know what the main story was all about and it features a confusing concept of a camera-crew, filming a fake documentary crew, doing some paranormal stuff. I don't know, it doesn't really matter. The movie itself isn't taking its concept very serious either and turns it into a joke instead, that it doesn't ever elaborate on.

But what's perhaps even worse is that the little stuff that it does still have in it, is very poorly written. The dialog, that often is intended to be funny, is awful and makes the bad actors seem like even worse actors. The editing and directing is besides very lacking as well and lets the movie come across as a sort of amateur-like project at times.

There is just nothing to recommend about it.


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