Can't believe that after 11 years they are still doing some "Ocean's Eleven" knockoffs. This movie is trying to copy its style and characters but it fails miserably.

Biggest problem with the movie is that it tries to pass itself off as a fun one, without ever doing anything fun at all. Really, this movie just isn't entertaining to watch and nothing good or clever ever truly happens in it.

The movie never really flows well, also because it has far too many distractions in its story, that ultimately have absolutely nothing to do with its main plot. It tries to give all of its characters some backgrounds and reasons as to why they are involved with the casino heist but the reason are all quite weak to be honest, which was also a reason why I just couldn't ever really care for any of its characters. No matter how you look at it, they all commit a serious crime, just for some money. It makes them all criminals of course and some not so very likable ones really.

Also the heist itself...holy cow! It's needlessly complicated, up to a point that it doesn't even really make sense. Really, basically all of the characters involved go through some extra needless trouble, which really turns the heist into another disappointing and failed aspect about this movie. It's completely ridicules and of course also extremely unlikely all. Even if you still are with the movie for the most part of it, you'll definitely still give up on it once its heist starts to commence and slowly but steadily starts to evolve into something more and more unlikely and ridicules. This would had been fine if it helped to make the movie more entertaining but it really doesn't, since the movie has absolutely no idea how to do some fun scenes, with some witty dialog and likable characters involved.

If I still would have to name one positive thing about this movie it would have to be Eric Roberts. Seriously, even though he mostly stars in bad movies, he himself has never been a bad actor really. And he's also the most enjoyable thing about this movie, even though they never gave him enough to do really. He's the main 'villain', that's snarling a lot but actually does very little evil or despicable stuff really and when he does, it feels out of character for him.

Just do yourself a favor and never watch this movie.


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  1. I read this, and had a strong sense that you've never seen anything featuring Antonio Fargas. That said, nice film summary.