Don't be like me, don't get fooled by this movie. I was expecting a disaster flick but what I got was a totally different kind of disaster.

The movie already starts off kind of bad and messy but what makes the movie absolutely terrible is its atrocious middle, in which absolutely nothing is happening and the movie is filled with many pointless sequences and terrible bits of dialog. The movie never succeeds at becoming an interesting, mysterious, tense, scary or exciting one, since it just isn't featuring a good enough story for that. It hardly seems to featuring a story at all, or at least it feels that way, due to its poor approach and way of storytelling.

And why did the main characters of the movie had to be a bunch of stoner musicians, that act like a bunch of immature fools? This only would work if the movie was a comedy but the movie for most part is a serious science-fiction attempt, with some horror (space zombies) thrown into the mix.

Also strange thing about the movie is that toward its end it suddenly starts to turn into an action flick. Suddenly the characters are all tough and act all confident, like they know what they are doing and what needs to be done. There really isn't a good or realistic enough buildup to anything in this movie.

The fact that is an obvious low budget production isn't even part of the problem of this movie. It would have been just fine, if only it was being a bit more focused and consistent with its story and way of storytelling.

So yes, basically this is one very messy, that is trying to be and to do a lot of things but never manages to become an actual good movie.


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