Well, that was disappointing. The movie started off so well, until it turned into a body-switch type of movie, with a very heavy religious undertone to it.

Reason why I really liked the first few minutes of the movie was because it made it seem like it was going to be an enjoyable mixture of drama and comedy, about some real life issues. We all reach a point in life in which we look both back and forward and wonder to ourselves if this is it, or if there is perhaps more to get out of our lives. This however wasn't at all the direction the movie was going for, as it later turned out.

Basically the message of this movie is; 'stop complaining and be happy and grateful for what you have and don't think about what you could have had or want to have. If only things were truly that easy and black and white. This movie is not about real life but it's a Christian utopia of how family life should be like. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all of the messages this movie is trying to send out are wrong or just plain crazy but the movie isn't exactly subtle or effective with anything. It shoves its messages down your throat and it does so by also creating some not so likely situations. The 'solutions' this movie is providing are ludicrous and it's basically saying 'Pray to your God and all your problems will be solved, no matter what your issues are and you'll be happy in life'. The movie never gets realistic or engaging enough to consider this an effective movie and all of its messages therefore also fell incredibly flat.

At least the movie was somewhat bearable, for most of its running time. However the reason why I'm still giving it an extremely low rating is because of its final minutes, in which it goes completely overboard with its religious messages. Be good to your family, porn is evil, don't have sex when you're in your teens, be kind to animals and never ever under any circumstances get a divorce. Oh and go to church of course! It's all trying to cram this into its final minutes, which was just too much to take and felt incredibly annoying, as well as ineffective.

Also an annoying aspect about this movie is that 10 minutes in you are already getting this movie its point but yet it's spending the next 80 minutes to tell and show you the same things over and over again. It beats you over the head with its messages and could had basically wrapped things up- and reached its conclusion one hour earlier.

The church might approve of this movie but I surely don't.


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