Well, there is only one leprechaun and that's the one played by Warwick Davis but that of course doesn't mean that other horror movies, involving a leprechaun as a monster, can't or shouldn't be made. And in all fairness, this also isn't a bad movie, especially compared to other similar, low-budget, genre flicks.

Still the best thing I can say about this movie though is that it never bores or becomes a terrible one to watch. Other than that, it remains a very forgettable genre outing really, that offers nothing too original, entertaining or impressive.

It's actually a real accomplishment that the movie never becomes a boring one, since there really ins't an awful lot happening in it. There are only a handful of kills and leprechaun attacks and it's a bit of a problem for the movie that the leprechaun itself never feels like a character within the movie. It's just a creature that randomly pops-up ever now and then but there is no real back-story to him (or her?) and it's never really clear what it wants and why it's, seemingly, randomly killing people.

I also wasn't too fond of the leprechaun's look. They might just as well called this movie goblin's- or troll's revenge, since there is absolutely nothing leprechaun-like about the look of the creature. It's a good monster look, just not for a movie that's supposed to be involving leprechauns.

And whatever went wrong with Billy Zane's career? No idea why he shows up in this and to be frank, his acting is also absolutely terrible. Seems to me that he couldn't decided whether to play his role straight or in a more entertaining sort of way. The result is a very odd performance and it causes his character to work out as a distractingly weak one. But luckily he isn't playing the main character in this, though he's of course still first billed everywhere, since he's still a sort of big name actor.

But really, there are far more worse genre movies out there and this one for most part remains a very watchable one, that you might catch- and keep watching when it's on TV someday.


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