Well, call me crazy but I though this was a perfectly entertaining movie. Sure, it's a cheaper sort of animated movie and also clearly not the most original one but it managed to entertain me and I had plenty of fun with it, all throughout.

You also need to keep in mind of course that this is foremost a kids movie. And as a kids movie it's a perfectly fun and adventurous one. Sure, it's not without its weaknesses but you sort of have to take that for granted when watching a movie of this sort and caliber.

It's definitely true this basically is the kids version of an Indiana Jones movie but it at least it's also being honest about that and isn't trying to ever hide it. It keeps making references to the Indiana Jones saga (yes, even the fourth movie). However the reason why it worked and why it didn't ever annoyed me was because the movie was being very creative with it. It uses story elements from basically all of the Indiana Jones movies for its own story but it does it in a mostly subtle and effective way. It's never a complete knockoff, or spoof if you will.

As the movie progresses it does become more apparent how flimsy the story actually is but luckily it knows to be a fun and entertaining one, all throughout. Having said that, the movie still feels a bit too long though. Yes, it's only around 90 minutes short but in all honesty it feels about 20 minutes too long. It also becomes a bit too predictable toward the end, as if the writers ran out of good ideas.

But even despite that, I would still recommend this movie, especially for young kids, around the age of 10-12 and maybe even below. They will marvel at the movie its adventurous aspects and the places the story is taking this movie and its characters. It besides has some good solid comedy in it, that's well placed and executed in the movie.

And despite this being a somewhat cheaper CG animated movie, that wasn't done by a big or well known studio, it still is a perfectly fine looking movie. Surpsingly good and smooth actually! I was also really fond of the character design, that gave all of the characters a good and fun distinctive look.

It really helps that the movie is filled with some very likable characters! But also the villains are quite good and enjoyable in their own way. I love it how one of the villains is a Dolph Lundgren lookalike, mixed in with a James Bond type of villain.

It simply is some great family entertainment, in my opinion!


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