OK, I admit that the only reason I was remotely interested in this movie was because it starred both Tom Savini and Robert Z'Dar in it. Genuinely two icons of modern horror in my opinion. So I expected at least to get some silly, entertaining horror fun out of this movie but I ended up with something totally different instead though.

This isn't even really a horror movie, unfortunately. The story involves wrestler Kurt Angle as some sort of possessed terminator. Still sounds awesome and fun but trust me, this movie is anything but fun or awesome.

Halfway in the movie, I still have absolutely no idea what the story is supposed to be all about, or who even is supposed to be the movie its main character. It's such a messily done film, with some extremely poor storytelling in it. This is not even B-level movie making, it's Z-grade stuff really.

The overall movie also has the sort of look and feel to it, like it got done on a shoestring budget. It's admirable and I also do admit that it gives the movie a certain charm. I could actually really tell that the actors must have had lots of fun doing this movie but I wish that this would have resulted in a good and fun movie as well.

I still wasn't ever hating this movie though, as strange as that may sound. It's not like this movie becomes offensively bad with anything. In my opinion it's just done in such an incredibly incapable way, you just can't ever get mad at it. I also do admit that I constantly continued to be hopeful that the movie would be turning into something remotely good or fun to watch. I simply gave up on it eventually though, as the movie continued to handle its story poorly and did absolutely nothing to make me enjoy this movie.

One very messy and poorly done movie, that's honestly nearly unwatchable.


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