This is an OK enough movie but it still is definitely missing something!

It's just a bit too simplistic for my taste. Not necessarily just with its main premise but also the way its handling story elements and certain characters. It bothered me that the movie wasn't really following a true, clear, main plot line but what bothered me more was that the movie wasn't all that engaging to watch, due to how it got told and the way its main character got handled.

The whole way the main character is going through a transition is far from subtly or all that likely really. She goes from being a good and normal student, to a cold blooded sadist and murderer, who operates in a very calculated manner and knows perfectly well what she is doing. It kind of ruined some of the aspects about this movie, since it never felt quite natural and convincing enough for me.

All this movie basically has and relies on is its shock value and that value isn't all that high really to begin with. The movie seriously isn't as shocking or groundbreaking as it seems to think it is. It all too deliberate attempts to be as odd and shocking as possible with some of its moments (without ever showing you anything really) but since there is never really a good enough buildup to- or execution of it, it kind of falls flat, at most occasions.

But believe it or not; I actually still liked the movie more than I didn't. The movie luckily still come across as one that wasn't taking itself too serious all of the time. At points the movie gets even quite comical, especially with some of its characters, that occasionally pop up in it. But this at the same time adds to the confusion on how to take this movie. At times it feels as a social satire/black comedy, or as simply a parody of the genre, while at others the movie feels like a very serious one, that's trying to tell you a heavy, shocking and realistic story.

It's a bit of everything and the film-makers intentions probably also were to have a bit of everything in it. Only problem though is that it doesn't always blend together too well and it will confuse most viewers, on how to take this movie. But perhaps that's all intentional as well. Perhaps the film-makers wanted people to simply make up their own mind about it and decide for themselves what the movie is all about and what it's trying to do and tell you with its story and main character. But even even so, it just didn't always work for me, since none of it gets ever handled in a truly provoking or engaging enough manner.

It has lots of elements of a great and creative movie in it, without ever becoming a great or effective enough movie for itself.


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