This movie could be summed up very easily; A pretty good first half, that gets followed by an abominably bad second one.

I'll still give the movie plenty of credit though. As far as these modern found footage type of movies go, this one is being a better and more enjoyable one than movies that got made with a significantly bigger budget and a multitude of other resources at hands.

This is nothing more but an amateur movie really, made by a couple of friends, in their spare time it seems. In that regard, you're maybe also able to cut this movie some more slack than usual and let it get away with some of its inconsistencies and other bad movie making elements.

It pretty much suffers from some of the same problems basically every found footage movie suffers from. The most obvious one is that there is absolutely no point for the movie its characters to film absolutely everything and keep filming, even when their lives are in clear danger.

But really, the movie its buildup is a pretty good and promising one. It's too bad there never really is a good enough payoff for any of it. As a matter of fact, the movie starts to go downhill pretty rapidly, once its 'monster' makes its first appearance. Suddenly it starts to become painfully obviously these guys had no budget to work with and perhaps also weren't taken their project all that seriously. You can even hear them laugh at times, often after a supposedly scary or gory moment occurred.

The movie even becomes laughably bad at times really. Especially once they fully show you its 'monster', who just looks a bit too much like a guy in a suit. OK, not a bit but a lot actually and that comes from a person who has seen plenty of bad and cheap B-monster movie flicks, from the '50's.

It actually makes you wonder if this movie perhaps was supposed to be a bit of a parody of the genre instead. But if it was, then why did the first half of the movie get played as such a straight one? No, it simply seems to me that about half way through the film-makers realized that what they were doing was ridicules and wasn't working out at all and therefore simply decided to have some fun with its instead, causing the movie to feel more like a comedy and bad parody in its second half. It obviously also doesn't make this the most consistent movie to watch and it takes away all of the tension and mystery of the movie, that still was present during its, significantly better, first half.

The movie luckily isn't too long to ever fully start to turn into a truly absurd or horrible one to watch but I still can't call it a very recommendable one either, even though I'm still willing to give it some credit, knowing and seeing that this was a movie that got made with a very low budget but still yet manages to work out as a better one than some other found footage movies, made with 100 or even 1000 times the amount of money and persons involved.


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