It's true that science-fiction and romance often are a great combination. The science-fiction does not only bring style- but also originality to the romance genre.

And that's the one main thing this movie has going for it; it's originality. It has a pretty unique and interesting concept, that arguably didn't always got handled very well.

I have to say that the romance is actually the weakest thing about this movie. It's hard to put my finger on but it's probably due to the romance never feeling cute enough to care about, or something convincing enough story-wise. There also isn't an awful lot of chemistry between Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst and Stugess' acting is actually quite weak in parts, especially the parts involving the movie its romance. The romance is supposed to hold and bring things together in this movie but instead it more often gets in the way of some potentially far more interesting story elements.

Who knows, perhaps if this was a more of a straightforward science-fiction flick, it would had been a way better and far more interesting movie to watch. Now it's instead nothing more but an original romantic movie, that truly had far more potential in it.

The science-fiction- and special effects elements in this movie are simply pretty good and leave you hungry for more. The futuristic, or rather said alternate world, is a pretty well thought out one and it makes you wish the movie would had showed you some more of it.

It makes you wish that more movies would take an original approach like this one did. It's sort of between being an independent- and a big budgeted studio flick, both visually and story-wise. At the same time it's also of course understandable not more movies are taking a same sort of approach as this one, since this movie by no means was a cheap one to make. As a matter of fact, it was quite expensive (and it also certainly looks that way) and the movie wasn't exactly one of the year's most profitable ones, to put it mildly.

I still liked it far more than I didn't but still, it's very apparent, all throughout, that the movie is filled with some serious wasted potential and could had been more solid and interesting, both story- and romantic-wise.


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