Here's yet another pointless movie, that doesn't add anything new or handles its material in an effective or engaging enough way. I just don't know what the overall point of this movie was supposed to be and it's lacking any bite to ever impress with anything, or to work out as an effective enough genre movie.

I say genre movie but I actually still aren't sure yet how to label this movie. Sure, it's a drama alright but not really the heavy or too serous type of drama. At least not with its approach, even while the story itself in essence is still being a very dramatic and serious one.

And here perhaps lies the biggest problem of the movie; it never picks an effective enough approach to anything. Guess this movie really could have worked out as a sort of cute, heartwarming and at the same time engaging type of drama, if only it had some decent enough drama in it. Really, where is the conflict in this movie? Sure, the parents are alcoholics but it's not like they are seriously abusive toward their children or each other. This isn't exactly the household from hell, in which no one functions normally, or is living in constant fear or pain. All the parents basically do is get loud and obnoxious from time to time but the whole situation never feels out of control or beyond all hope. As a matter of fact, at least the father is still trying to be a good dad and puts some effort in keeping the family together. You basically constantly keep waiting for the 'real' drama to develop and kick in, which doesn't really ever happens though.

The idea of telling the movie from the perspective of the children was a good and interesting one but the movie does too little with this concept. It tries to creature a sort of adult vs. children type of dynamic between the characters, in which both are busy living in their own type of worlds, one filled with fantasy, the other with alcohol. It never works out that well or interesting enough though, since the movie just never does anything good or interesting with either. It makes this a pretty bland movie to watch, with also some shallow characters in it. You just won't ever care enough for anyone- or about anything that's happening in this movie, which isn't an awful lot to begin with.

Must also be the reason why his is a pretty short movie to watch. They just didn't really knew what to do with this movie, so they wrapped things up the moment they ran out of ideas. And the ending in fact also does feel kind of abrupt. How is anything supposed to be resolved at the end of this movie? The movie actually leaves more questions than answers really by the end of it, making this movie all the more pointless to watch.

At the same time I still can't really say that I hated watching this movie. It's still good looking and has some decent enough actors in it but the story and also storytelling just happens to be incredibly lacking, which is really preventing this movie from ever working out as a good- and engaging enough one.


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