Long live the B-action movie genre? Well, sure it's a good form of entertainment and simple escapism, especially if you have some testosterone running through your body. But I think that no one really has any illusions about it that it's a good genre as well, that delivers some high class movies, with amazing performances and story lines involved.

In that regard, this movie fits perfectly into its genre. Having said that, I still consider this movie to be a notch below the average modern genre attempt.

I really had a hard time following its story. It's not because the movie features such a complicated script but simply because it's told in an incredibly messy way. The way the movie felt to me was that it was being like the one action set piece after the other, without really making an apparent connection. Still might sound like something absolutely awesome to some action movie lovers and I do admit that the movie in fact features some pretty good action but the story and several other things still bring the movie down and turn it into a mostly disappointing action vehicle.

Another thing that particularly annoyed me about the movie was that basically its entire duration I had absolutely no idea who were the good- and bad guys in this. Who was I supposed to cheer for exactly? Everybody is a criminal in this and the movie never makes it clear to you who you should care for and why exactly. It's actually somewhat confusing and big part of the reason why this movie feels like a bit of a messy one.

And really, I keep saying this but Steve Austin will never become a good action movie star. He has the right size, look and muscle power but yet he's totally lacking any form of charisma. He's not likable or fun in any way to watch. As a matter of fact, he comes across as a giant bore, which probably is also due to his incredibly wooden acting abilities. Yes, Dolph Lundgren definitely outclasses Steve Austin in this movie, in just about every way imaginable. Unfortunately it's Austin though who has the most amount of screen time in this movie.

As I said, there still is some decent action to enjoy in this movie but I doubt that even the most hardened action lover is going to forgive this movie for all of its weaknesses. It's a pretty bad movie, even on a B-action movie type of level.


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