Of course this never becomes a truly brilliant or exciting movie to watch but for a movie of its caliber, with such a low budget and simple setup and premise, it's actually a surprisingly good movie to watch!

It's the sort of movie that mostly is set at one place, in this case in the inside of a cab. It also features only a handful of characters and the sort of story of which you know that it's going to throw a couple of surprises and twists at you, before the end of it.

But luckily it aren't always the twists you would be expecting. The movie does a pretty good job at fooling you, or perhaps I was just stupid for not seeing its main twist coming. But no, the movie is pretty well constructed and told in an effective way, making this a rather enjoyable little thriller.

Sure, it's pretty clich├ęd at parts and indeed the movie is also hardly the best the genre has to offer but thing I could at least say about this movie is that it never messes up anywhere, or with anything. It's a competently made movie, with also some pretty good actors in it.

You normally wouldn't think off casting of casting Dominic Monaghan as a villain and tough guy but this movie does and I have to say that Monaghan's performance is a surprisingly good one and he's totally believable in his role. He was the highlight of the movie, acting-wise.

If I still had to complain about one thing, it would be that the movie continues to go on for too long after its main twits. After the main twist, there really isn't an awful lot to do or tell anymore but the movie still decides to go on for another 15 minutes or so, making things feel a bit stretched out toward its end. They definitely could had wrapped things up earlier but that way the movie only would had been maybe one hour short, so I can still understand their reasons for doing it.

But overall, this movie truly remains a perfectly watchable one, that offers you one or two surprises as well and you most likely won't ever feel bored or annoyed with anything while watching it.


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