The way P.J. Hogan movies always come across to me, are like fluffy, young girl's fantasies of the real world, in which problems can get resolved by singing. And guess what...P.J. Hogan isn't even a female. Needless to see I'm just not the biggest fan of his works.

Some people might call his movies cute and harmless ones and I would call them the same, if only there was enough in them for me to really like them. The humor is just too flat, forced and childish and there just isn't really much to the stories. His movies never seem to allow themselves to ever get truly heavy or serious with any of its drama, so his movies just aren't ever the most engaging ones either. And the same really can all be said for this movie.

The biggest problem I had with this movie was that its story didn't really seemed to go anywhere with anything. What was the point of it all? Perhaps I just never felt involved enough with anything or anyone in this movie but the whole movie felt kind of pointless to me.

Pointless is not necessarily the same as bad though and I also can't claim this is a terrible movie. After all, it's an harmless and clean movie, that you obviously also shouldn't take too seriously. It goes for a more quirky sort of approach and the movie is almost cartoon-like at parts.

I still wish there would had been more to its story, or it at the very least that it would had been told in a better and more involving way. I also do wish that some of the characters would had been less annoying, with their behavior and actions. But really, it more seems to be a movie that's catered toward women anyway, so there's a chance those are also going to feel more involved with its characters and story and this movie just isn't for me.

This just clearly isn't my cup of tea.


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