This is one pretty annoying movie to watch. Not necessarily due to its script, performances or low-budget action scenes but more so because of its visual style.

With its 'hip' style of filmmaking, it totally seems to think its being the coolest thing ever but in fact the editing and just overall visual style of movie works out as something annoying instead and makes the movie nearly unwatchable at parts.

You also just can't say that this is being the most creative or original movies out there. It's one of those movies that tries to be like "Desperado" and "Payback", in which its one man against basically an entire town of outlaws. Seriously, everybody seems to be have something against the movie its main character, for no good reason whatsoever!

And that as well is something that makes this movie a pretty bad one to watch. It never gives us a good reason or explanation why everybody seems to be after the main character, from the first minute on. And how hard could it have been to write in a scene in which the main character messes or steals from the wrong Mexican guy, or falls for the daughter of some sort of Mexican drug-lord? It lets things just happen, without developing- or setting anything up properly enough.

But OK, fair enough, the movie is an action flick, which after all in most cases means that the story comes sort of secondary. It's often more about its charismatic main lead and of course the action itself. And I do admit that Scott Adkins is a pretty good and likable action movie star, who however needs some bigger roles in bigger movies soon, or else he's going to miss his boat. This movie won't help his career forward, that's for sure.

And about the action itself; well, this movie isn't filled with any big explosions or car chases. Instead it relies on some good old fashioned hand-to-hand combat and some simple formulaic shootouts. None of the action ever stands out really, not in the least also true to its directing and editing style. The style really prevents you from ever getting into this movie, or to just simply let you enjoy its action.

So really, there are just no good reasons why you should ever watch this movie!


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