Yes, this movie is just about as generic as its title but I was still kind of liking it at first. That was until its story started to kick in...

Lets just say this is the type of movie you would get if you would let a 16-year old boy, who has played one or two too many WW II shooters, make a WW II action movie and give him more money than he has ever seen in his life to let him do it. It's not saying anything about its quality but more so about it simplicity and way it tries to entertain. It's basically just the one random action moment after the other, that feels like it was all originally meant to be in a WW II video game.

But in all honesty, they still attempted to provide the movie with some story. And I actually kind of wish they hadn't done that. I was really enjoying the movie for what it was, during its first few minutes. It appeared that the movie was going to be nothing more but a simple WW II action movie, about a bunch of guys on a simple mission, in which they had to travel from point A to B. However soon after that the story started to develop a whole bunch of other unconvincing stuff and to be honest, the moment the story started to develop, I started to loose interest. I can't even really tell you what the story was supposed to be all about. Had something to do with the development of an atomic bomb but why it also had to involve a whole bunch of Russian, French and German characters as well was beyond me. It's just because I never really could care about the story and it also all got treated like something so totally insignificant, throughout basically the entire movie.

Also never would had thought that "Inglourious Basterds" would actually influence the WW II action genre but yes, this movie its director and writer had clearly seen "Inglourious Basterds" a few times too many. It's not like its a complete knockoff though with its style or story but the similarities are clearly present throughout.

Speaking of which, it even stars one of the same actors; Richard Sammel. It's actually funny how these type of WW II flicks often feature the same actors in it, over and over again. Tom Sizemore and Neal McDonough are the two most notable ones in this.

luckily the movie is too fast paced and action packed to ever start hating it though. Even though the movie might be a little bit too long, it still manages to somewhat entertaining you, all throughout. I really can't say that the movie is bad looking one or has some poor action moments in it, even though the special effects are all somewhat lacking at parts.

Really a movie that you could easily skip.


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6 reacties:

  1. Forgive me, but am I not correct in thinking Company of Heroes WAS a video game?

  2. It certainly is...the follow up COH2 comes out in March.

  3. Did they already start shooting movies during gameplay?... Well, I expect this to be a total flop. Thanks for the very enlightening review which is more like a warning than a recomendation...

  4. Well, I started to watch this movie and used to like it at the beginning as well, but after a while, just about when the "story" kicked in (and a couple of below average special effects, not to mention poor masking) I was like- hmmm, this looks fishy, let's check the IMDB rating on this. Which eventually brought me here. I may not be entitled to write a review, since I didn't watch the whole thing, but I am into WWII movies a lot and this certainly doesn't look like a decent one.

  5. Anyone else tired of seeing Tom Sizemore in WWII movies?

  6. I'd rather watch someone playing the game. That or it should just be billed as a comedy.