This thing is not even worth talking about. Surely they couldn't have been serious with this? It's not just bad, it's amateur like bad and by saying that I'm probably offending a whole bunch of amateur film-makers out there, fore this movie is absolutely horrible, in just about every regard.

There's more talent and effort to be found in any given average Ed Wood production really. Seriously, I have seen plenty of Z-grade trash from the '50's but this movie is still a notch beneath that really. It's truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life and I'm not one bit exaggerating.

Don't even know where to begin, everything is so bad about it. While watching this movie I had no idea what the story was supposed to be all about, or who exactly were the good- and the bad guys. Guess the guy with the black suit and horse was the bad guy but why and how exactly, I still have absolutely no idea about. But i also still don't know what the good guys wanted in this, or why I was supposed to cheer for them. All characters seemed like killing outlaws to me and it really wasn't following a clear enough main plot line.

But there obviously is plenty more wrong with this movie. The dialog is some awful stuff and all of the characters are pretty flat. In fact, all of the character seem exactly alike and they have absolutely nothing distinctive about them. I also just don't understand why this movie felt the need to have about 10 different characters in it, which made things only more confusing to watch.

The acting is equally as bad and I doubt that most of these guys were real actors to begin with. Don't be fooled by Michael Madsen's presence in this. He does about 10 movies each year, of which by far the most are absolutely horrible and obscure ones, that you haven't even heard about, such as, most likely, this movie as well. And you should keep it that way. Just erase this movie its title from you memory and don't you dare to search it out!

Thing that also gives this movie especially an amateur like vibe to it is because it feels unfinished. Some shots should had been re-shot, for instance when there suddenly gets a bush or a hat in the way of a character who's talking. But what's even way worse than all of that is the fact that there is no good audio mix or sound effects in this. The fake guns, firing blanks, all look and sound like fake guns in this. Seriously, how hard is it nowadays to legally grab some free gunfire sound off of the internet and put it under your movie. But literally all of the sounds effects are missing in this movie. I especially love it when a character gets slapped, the entire movie suddenly goes silent and in the next shot they show you a bloody face, or some lame reaction shot. They at least did some ADR recoding but even that is absolutely awful sounding and doesn't sound like it even belongs in this movie. I don't know, perhaps it's because it wasn't even done by the original cast members? I don't even know for sure but it certainly sounded wrong all.

Absolute garbage!


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