Oh no, not another horror movie set in an old asylum. But guess what! This movie actually manages to work out as a good and original one! There is still something weird about the movie though. It basically had a great and promising premise but yet the movie is not half as great and scary as it potentially could had been.

Thing that I love about the movie is that it's ghost and villain is a Freddy Krueger like character, who uses the kid's fears against them and to get to them. And no, it's not like this movie is basically being a big ripoff of the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise. It just differs too much, in tone, setup and storytelling.

But here at the same time also lays a problem with this movie. The storytelling is sort of lacking, especially when it comes down to its horror. This movie is basically being a horror movie, without ever truly feeling like one. The setup, tension and mystery is all a bit too lacking, which is probably the main reason why the movie has a poor reputation. A bit harsh if you ask me, since the movie is definitely worthy of some more credit.

I have seen plenty of very similar sort of genre movie, throughout the years and I simply have to say that this movie absolutely feels far more original and enjoyable than the average genre attempt. It's probably all due to it that the movie feels less clichéd and is mostly doing its own thing. Like I said, it's a horror movie without ever feeling like in. In that regard it also might be better to simply look upon this movie as a thriller. That way, once you're not expecting any of the usual horror tropes, you really might end up liking the movie better.

So in some ways I really do like the movie but I still can't call it a very good or successful one either. The tension, storytelling, mystery, horror is all a bit too lacking for that but I still could really appreciate the movie for its originally and the way it managed to avoid most of the genre clichés, by mostly simply keep on doing its own thing throughout.


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