One of the messiest alien invasion movies I have ever seen! I'm even reluctant to call this an alien invasion movie in the first place, since the movie seems to be more busy focusing on- and doing a whole bunch of different unrelated stuff instead.

I do see and understand the approach for this movie was probably a deliberate one. It seems to be a movie that wants to focus more on its characters and be about the human psyche in a the kind of situation, as presented in this movie. Problem however is that the movie is lacking any depth and a certain sense of realism and credibility to ever allow any of it to work out.

It actually seems like this movie at first got written as a comedy but just before shooting started, they decided to do it as a straight movie instead. The characters, the way they respond to certain things, the way they run into all sorts of crazy stuff, that has nothing to do really with the alien invasion plot. This all makes it seem like the movie was meant to be a comedy at one point, though I'm not sure if this truly was the case of course. Perhaps it's simply bad writing, which doesn't sound like a very far fetched or illogical explanation.

Fore the movie does feel like an incredibly messy one, with a story that's all over the place. There is a true lack of focus and the messy camera-work and editing, that was meant to give the movie style and pace, makes things even harder to watch and follow. The movie often really doesn't make any sense and the story seems to be going absolutely nowhere.

And most likely because it's a low-budget movie, it often stretches things out, for as long as possible. It's also constantly very busy trying to avoid any science-fiction related stuff for as much as it can, which is an odd thing to do of course for an alien invasion movie.

Also don't really know why Jean-Claude Van Damme shows up in this, Well, actually I do know, his daughter Bianca Bree plays a lead role in this but I don't see Pierce Brosnan in this movie as well, even though his son Sean Brosnan also plays a lead role in this. Seriously, it's annoying how Van Damme keeps involving his children with his work and now vice versa as well. This is not really helping anyone's career to move forward, especially not by appearing in a movie such as this. And Jean-Claude Van Damme lovers be warned; this is not a JCVD flick at all, so please don't expect to see any of the usual Jean-Claude Van Damme 'greatness' or awesomeness in this.

But on second thought, everybody should be warned and just simply, absolutely, skip this movie!


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4 reacties:

  1. JCVD is the Alien overlord and he has been sent by Chuck norris to destroy the planet.

  2. Totally agree. Appalling movie, best avoided.

  3. Saw this movie last Saturday night, total rubbish. Please never judge a DVD by the cover picture, this product I refuse to call a movie a total waste of my Saturday evening.

  4. I can't get that hour and some odd minutes of my life back. What a screw job!! Wankers!!