Nothing against this movie but sometimes I just don't get why certain movies get even made! There is truly nothing special about this movie its story, characters or drama. To make things worse, it handles things poorly, making this a mostly shallow and bland movie experience.

Guess not every 'random slice of life' is good and interesting enough for a movie. This movie never really develops anything, in terms of tension, conflicts and drama. I'm not saying it doesn't feature any conflicts or drama in it but the movie never handles it in such a way that it also starts to work out as something effective.

Seems that in its core this movie still had plenty of potential in it. It could had been a good family drama, with some interesting dynamics between the different characters but once again, it just isn't buildup or handled effectively enough. The problems in this movie don't ever feel like real problems and you just don't ever care enough for any of its characters to feel involved that way either. It's as if all of the right ingredients were there but the filmmakers had a hard time putting them all together and making it work out, within its script and eventual movie. It falls flat with its drama and the movie mostly still gets by thanks to its comedy and performances.

It luckily isn't the sort of too heavy or serious movie to watch. It still has a mostly light tone to it and you could definitely call this more of a comedy than a drama really, which in this case is a positive thing to note.

It also has plenty of great actors involved, which is quite amazing. Guess it shows how deep down in its core this movie still had some potential and that's why some of its big name actors said 'yes' to it. Anna Paquin, Ryan Phillippe, Luke Wilson and Powers Boothe are all on the cast-list. I only do however wish they would had appeared in a better and more involving movie together.

I still sort of went along with the movie but toward the end it pulls off a horrible cheap trick, that came out of nowhere and felt rushed and terribly out of place within the movie. This movie truly didn't needed an end like this in it. I really don't know what they were thinking. Perhaps they simply wanted a 'twist' ending, or go out with one big last dramatic moment or perhaps it simply was just the only thing they could come up with to let the movie finally end. It definitely ruined things and it even made me slightly hate the movie.

It's not the worst thing you'll ever see but there still is no good reason why you should ever go see it in the first place!


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  1. You are wrong...there is too something special about this movie....It has to do with James Cox's dad passing away. that is why he did this project. so there.

  2. obviously you don't know Jack sh##. whoever wrote this article.