This movie continues the trend of having 'old' actors from the past, playing elderly characters, who are the leads and still at the top of their game.

And this movie stars Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin, among others. Sounds like an absolute dream cast for a movie of this type, especially when considering its a crime movie as well. But believe it or not, the movie really isn't all that great!

It's a disappointment really. It's not like the movie is bad but it's one you could so easily do without! It doesn't really add anything spectacular or new to the genre and it's hardly the best of most impressive thing Pacino or Walken ever appeared in, even within more recent years.

Thing with the movie is that it story doesn't feature a good or powerful enough conflict. It's a crime movie without any crime really, even though the story still left plenty of room for- and had plenty of potential for a good, fun and interesting plot line or subplot, involving something crime related and Mark Margolis his character. The crime related stuff it does feature is all kind of a weak and feels like a half-boiled attempt.

The movie doesn't ever feels like it's going somewhere interesting with its story. It tries to trow in some drama as well but most of this also goes to waste. It's a movie that fails to make an impact, with anything. It does overall makes this a pretty pointless movie to watch and all adds up to the reason why this is a movie you could easily do without.

It's a movie that's still mostly relying on its comedy and entertainment aspects though but even that doesn't make this a great movie to watch. It's never terribly clever or laugh out loud funny and maybe only worth a few chuckles.

The movie still thrives on its actors and their performances. Of course Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, Christopher Walken and all of the others aren't giving any bad performances. It's still fun to watch them on screen and to watch them play of each other. I'm also sure they had plenty of fun with this movie, I wish I however could say the same.

It's not like it's a terrible or even bad movie. It's still however a disappointing one, when all things consider. They could and should had done far more and far better things with it really!


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  1. and i'm supposed to listen to anything this so called critic says when he can't even use proper English , nor spell correctly? i think not