Well, call me crazy but I sort of liked this movie! Perhaps it's because I have seen so many similar type of genre movies, that are way worse than this one! Of course this is not a great movie by any means but still the movie is quite entertaining.

The movie is being like a mixture of the "Saw"-series and "Batoru rowaiaru", only with...well, sharks thrown in the mix! It's just as silly and bad as it all sounds but it works well out well all for its entertainment. Of course this is not the type of movie to take serious but it's simply more one to have a good and fun time with.

And honestly, the concept, as bad and lame as it might all sound, is the reason why the movie works out, as an entertaining one. It provides the movie with plenty of entertaining moments and besides ensures that the movie never becomes a slow or boring one.

It luckily isn't the sort of movie that focuses heavily on its characters and their dynamics, motivations or relationships. This often is what makes these type of movie so absolutely dreadful to watch, since it never really features the right type of actors or writing to let it work out. It rather uses its characters simply, literally, as shark bait instead.

The special effects and sharks are all awful looking in this but I have to say that the movie luckily doesn't ever overuses any of its special effects, like other similar movies like this one, so often do.

It's definitely true I liked this movie far better than any of director Christopher Ray his father's (Fred Olen Ray) movies. Both make the same silly, bad type of B-movies but at least Christopher Ray's work seems to be more fun to watch, while Fred Olen Ray's movies, more often than not, tend to annoy me because of how bad they are and how poorly they got made. And I just never was annoyed with this movie, no matter how bad it got at times.

While watching this movie I couldn't help thinking that Patrick Bergin's part originally got written for David Carradine, who however died back in 2009. It's not all that unlikely, since Carradine would often show up in these type of movies, playing roles such as Bergin's. It's definitely true that his presence might had uplifted things a bit further and spiced up things a little bit more but the movie is obviously fine enough as it is already.

Yes, it's bad! But it at least still manages to be entertaining.


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