This is one of those movies that's good and enjoyable enough to watch but it's lacking a certain amount of gravity of importance to truly make a lasting impression as well.

Problem with its story is that it doesn't always feels balanced enough. The story about FDR meeting up with King George VI would had been a good and interesting enough one in itself but the way it tries to blend in some drama and romance doesn't always works out too well for the story. Instead, it often distracts from the seemingly more important story elements and besides seem to be lacking the right required amount of depth.

Due to the movie its more light and comical approach, it's hard to feel involved with any of the drama anyway. It's not exactly the most engaging movie but at the same time I'm also still glad the movie went for a more light and comical approach, or else the movie might had been an incredibly dry and slow one. Luckily the movie is indeed an enjoyable one, so despite all criticism, it still remains a good enough watch, all throughout.

The movie also definitely still gets uplifted by its performances. Bill Murray is a great Roosevelt and he plays the role more straight than you perhaps would expect. Yes, it's a comedy but Murray manages to play the role with a straight face, while still at the same time making his character a fun one. It's especially great to see all of the different characters in this movie interacting with each other. I only did wish it still got done in a somewhat more interesting and engaging way as well at times, to give the movie some more gravity and credibility.

It's a good and fun enough movie but just not exactly one of the year's must-sees!


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