Instead of a haunted house movie, here we have a movie with some house hunting horror in it!

You could praise the movie for trying to be original within its genre but I wish I could praise the movie and call it an effective one. It's however a bit of a mess really story-wise and it does a horrible job at handling and building up its tension.

For me this movie indeed fell flat as a horror. You could take the movie as a thriller still though but it's clear that the film-makers were still going for a more horror type of approach, with its atmosphere and developments.

It's however the sort of movie that's trying to create mystery and tension but not really telling you anything. Stuff gets poorly explained and handled in this movie, all throughout. It probably thought it had a more clever script than it in fact truly had. It still could had worked out good enough though, if only the movie had a more effective approach to it.

It seems to me that the movie was trying to build- and rely on the dynamics between the different characters, who all get stuck in the same house. A sort of exploration of the human psyche and it besides was constantly trying to create tension between its different characters but this never worked out as anything effective or convincing enough. They never pushed things far enough. It's not like the movie is tame but it most definitely could had explored some stuff a bit further and could had taken things to a whole different and potential more interesting level. But it instead decides to play things more safe and to never really go overboard with anything, which is something this movie could had used to spice things up a little bit more.

The movie as it is just isn't the most interesting or involving one to watch. Yes, it's even somewhat boring, even though the movie is only about 90 minutes short.

Also a reason why this never really gets an involving movie to watch is because of its characters. Yes, the acting is quite horrible to be honest but that's not even the biggest problem. A bigger problem is that the characters never act or react in a convincing enough way. The characters in this movie accept things way too easily. No one seems to be making a big deal out of it when death figures appear, or other odd and freaky things occur. No one even really seems to care when a character dies in this, even though they are all close family. if they don't even seem to care, then why should we ever care for anyone- or about anything that happens in this movie.

Just skip this one!


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