Not every random slice of life movies works out as something good or interesting but this movie was pretty good and engaging enough!

The foremost reason why the I liked the movie and why it worked out well for me, was because it truly had a realistic vibe to it. It appeared to me that the had a finished script to work with but gave all of the actors plenty of room and opportunity to come up with stuff on the spot. This mostly becomes apparent with the movie its dialog. When 2 characters talk to each other, they sound like regular people, having a regular and realistic feeling conversation.

Also the way the movie is shot ensures that the movie is an at all times realistic looking and feeling one. It doesn't feel like a carefully planned out movie, in terms of its setup, with all of its camera angles and such. But it doesn't work out as something too distracting from the movie either. It's quite subtle really and therefore also effective.

It also helps that the movie uses some good settings. It nicely capture the mood and atmosphere of an average, small, coast town. The coldness, the remoteness, the sense of that there is nothing ever truly happening or to do in the town, yet most feel comfortable with this and wouldn't want it any other way. Everybody knows each other but at the same time also really not much about each other.

The story itself is, well, quite simple but the same can be said for basically every slice of life type of movie of course. The movie still offers some interesting dynamics and developments, involving the movie its characters.

It's nothing too spectacular, surprising or impressive really. In other words; it's not a movie that will leave a terribly big impression but while watching it you won't ever feel bored or annoyed by anything. It's a good and certainly watchable enough little movie within its genre, that could had used some better acting in parts but then again, that might very well also be part of the charm and power of this movie.


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