It appears to me that this is a very personal movie from director/writer/actor Alexander Poe. He probably was going through a breakup while writing this movie and it also truly feels like an autobiographic movie, or that at least some of the events and characters are based on real life events and persons. But is Alexander Poe's personal life- and are his romantic encounters really interesting, good or unique enough for a movie? Not really.

That's the main problem with the movie. There is nothing about its story that stands out or makes you go; that's worthy of telling in a movie! Sure, it's very easy to identify with certain situations in this movie but that basically goes for every romantic comedy and is clearly not enough to make your movie a good and interesting enough one.

So besides not being anything special, it's also somewhat lacking as a romantic comedy. First of all, the comedy isn't written all that well and mostly relies on its dialog and characters, that however both are lacking. The dialog too often feels like it belongs more in a novel and the characters are lacking the right amount of depth and development needed to ever really make you feel involved with any of them and to make you like them, up to a point you also want to identify yourself with them.

it also was a bit of a mistake for Alexander Poe to cast himself as the lead in this. I'm not necessarily complaining about his acting abilities but more so about the lack of charisma. He's just not a very charismatic lead, for a movie of this sort and besides more often comes across as a somewhat annoying character, due to the way he talks and behaves in this movie.

It's not like I'm completely destroying this movie. I mean, there is not enough in it to make me hate it. It's short, it's harmless and still somewhat cute and innocent enough. Watching this movie is still not a punishment, though it's not exactly a movie worth running out to see either!


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