This movie is entertainment and it's also very hard to take it in any other way. After all, if it seriously was trying to make a statement or send out a message, it would have had a more serious and also most definitely a more subtle approach to it.

And this movie is a whole bunch of stuff but subtle isn't one of them. As a matter of fact, everything about the movie is heavily exaggerated. The violence, the blood, the dialog, the names, the characters and not just the villains but the main hero Django as well. Every shot he takes is a hit and it doesn't matter to him whether he has to fight against 1 or 10 persons, all at once. It's all over-the-top but in a deliciously enjoyable way.

Yes, saying this movie is entertaining as opposed to being something profound and more meaningful is actually a positive thing, since it works out well for this particular movie. Because of its approach, it allows itself to take certain liberties with its storytelling and manages to get away with it. For instance; since the movie is not really focusing heavily on one strong main plot line, it allows itself to have plenty of other distractions in it. You could call the story somewhat messy and all over the place, or you could simply see it as one that provides the one entertaining sequence after the other, in which it doesn't always matter whether or not it fits into the movie its main story.

You could definitely divide this movie into 3 different parts. First is the bounty hunting part, second the search and freeing of Django's wife and third is all about Django's revenge. Each part sort of has a different tone to it, also mostly also due to it that it involves different characters. It's true that not everything always gels but this often has to do more with the movie its pace. Or rather said, some of the sequences just go on for far too long and some stuff definitely could had been cut entirely. Really seems that Taratino could use a new and different editor again, to keep things more tight and effective at points. There really is no need for this movie to be nearly 3 hours long!

The movie is a western but at the same time it also really isn't. It's a movie that's absolutely, most definitely, doing its own thing. I also can't really say this is the type of movie in which Tarantino is mostly busy paying homage- and make references, since this actual movie is so unique and unlike anything else within the genre.

Due to everything and everyone else in this movie, Jamie Foxx sort of gets pushed to the background at times but I still do feel he plays a great character, that I would love to see more of in other movies (not that any sequels will ever get made though). It especially becomes obvious in the final part of the movie how awesome and great his character actually is, when all gloves are off and the movie gets even more crazy. It's the moment his character had been building up to and it makes you realize how, despite everything else that's in the movie as well, character driven this movie actually is.

But of course it isn't just Jamie Foxx who carries this movie and is the reason why it's being such a great and entertaining one to watch. Christoph Waltz once more plays a great, strong and memorable role in a Quentin Tarantino movie, with some very impressive acting. Just equally as great and perhaps even better is Leonardo DiCaprio, as a villain for a change. But still biggest surprise in this movie, I thought, was Samuel L. Jackson. Didn't really expected him to play such a big role in this and besides, his acting is superb and he plays one of the most entertaining characters out of the entire movie!

Great characters, great cinematography, great dialog, great acting, great fun...great movie!


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