Man, I thought the days in which '80's classics got ripped off were long behind us already. But no, this movie decides to be a blatant "Aliens" ripoff, not necessarily with its story but more so with its settings, characters, certain particular scenes and the overall atmosphere.

Having said that, as far as these "Aliens" type of ripoffs go, this is far from the worst to watch. It at least remains a well made and good looking movie, despite the fact that this movie didn't had the highest of budgets. It makes this a perfectly watchable movie, you still shouldn't expect much of though.

Problem is that the story just doesn't ever has anything good or interesting to offer. It tries to have some interesting developments in it but most of it falls kind of flat, due to it that this doesn't ever become a very involving movie to watch and not everything gets explained well- or gets made believable enough.

It at first also is hard to tell what direction the movie is going for with its story and it takes awhile for a good, clear, main plot line to kick in. It's as if at first the movie was toying around a bit with its "Aliens" ingredients and the film-makers wanted to have some fun first, before getting to the 'actual movie'.

It's still not a terrible movie and it does offer some decent enough entertainment at times but there is still too much wrong with it to consider this a good movie as well.


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