The title sounds awesome but at the same time it also makes you worried. Worried because it's such a straightforward one, which makes you believe the movie itself is also going to be a simplistic one. And besides, you know it's going to be a comedy, so you immediately start to think it's going to be a "Shaun of the Dead" wannabe and knockoff as well. And all of this actually in fact is also true; It's a very simple and straightforward movie and yes, it's a bit of a "Shaun of the Dead" wannabe but having said that, none of that makes this movie a bad one as well.

The movie as it is, is being a pretty good and amusing one. It's certainly not as bad or lame as you might fear, though at the same time the movie hardly ever surprises or impresses with anything.

It's an entertaining movie all throughout, due to its over-the-top silly characters and some unlikely and amusing situations. But please don't expect to be rolling over the ground, laughing. It's just a tad bit too simplistic and predictable for that though it doesn't constantly forces its comedy on to you. If you want to laugh, you can still laugh at it but if you don't, you'll still feel amused enough by all of it. The movie never ever becomes a lame or completely unfunny one with its comedy, though it so easily could had been.

A thing that's keeping the movie a bit down is the fact that it isn't always as successful as a zombie flick. It constantly repeats itself with all of its attacks and zombie action and also the fact this is a low-budget production is being a bit too obvious at times.

It's probably also the reason why the movie uses CG blood, as opposed to some more practicable effects. It's so terribly ineffective when you see someone getting bitten or hit and all you see is some fake looking computer animated blood flying around. There is just no fun in that, especially not for those who really are into gore.

It definitely is more fun to watch Honor Blackman and some other older actors in this, fighting off zombies. Honor Blackman is of course best known for her role as Bond girl, in the movie "Goldfinger". Her Pussy Galore character is legendary, already for her name alone of course. And now, at the age of 85, she is still involved with action and looks as vital as ever!

It's not really a movie that's worth praising too highly but the movie as it is definitely remains a good and watchable one. Perhaps more so than you expect it to be!


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