It's hard to compare this movie to anything else and that's probably why it's also getting some mixed reviews. Most people don't really know how to take this movie or perhaps were expecting something totally different from it.

In my opinion the movie is a fine one. It gets some of its points across in a creative and engaging enough way, while at the same time it also still fails miserably with getting some of its other points across. Sometimes, especially toward the end, the movie is really overdoing things and it's laying things on too thick and too obvious. I was liking the movie better at the moments that it was being a tad bit more subtle with all of its themes.

It's one of those movies that's trying to make a statement about capitalism and how big cooperations have taken over the world, how advertising and branding affects us in our everyday lives, without us really realizing it and how the way we look at ourselves and the world gets influenced by television programs and commercials. Even though it all gets heavily exaggerated, the movie in essence is still right of course. And the movie isn't brining it in a serious or dramatic way but instead is being entertaining and creative with it. That's why the movie worked as an interesting and entertaining one, though it does in fact pushes its luck a bit.

Its 'weirdness' is definitely going to scare off a whole bunch of people but even the most hardened movie goer, that's somewhat used to creative and unique movies, shall most likely still have some issues with this movie. Once the movie starts going over-the-top with stuff, it's hard to take the movie and any of its messages seriously really. And that's a real shame, since I truly feel that up to a certain point this movie does a great job at exposing and dissecting certain issues, involving capitalism. There was no need for the movie to do some of the things it did and it actually made this movie a lesser effective one.

I still have to admit I liked this movie more than I didn't. This had everything to do with the futuristic and surreal tone and atmosphere of the movie and I only do still wish the movie handled its story and themes just as well at times.


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