It's definitely clear by now that "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1" was nothing but a warm-up and appetizer for this second part. It's definitely the movie in which the story works better and has more enjoyable moments, characters and action in it.

Was "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1" even necessary as a movie? Well, not really in my opinion. I mean, they so easily could had turned it into one movie, or simply skipped over most that happened in the first movie, since it really isn't all that relevant for this sequel. Lots of the characters that show up in this movie weren't even in the first one to begin with and vice versa as well. I even dare to say that it totally isn't necessary for you to watch part 1, before you go and watch this movie.

It's not like I'm a big Batman buff or fan-boy and I also really don't keep up with the Batman universe. It therefore also was surprising to see how some familiar Batman characters showed up in this and how much they had changed. After all, this movie is featuring an older Batman/Bruce Wayne, so also all of the other characters have aged and progressed as well of course. Well, expect for some...

I don't think it's a big spoiler to most to say that Superman shows up in this as well. This should be reason enough already for lots of people to get interested in this movie. And it doesn't disappoint really. It's not like it's being a team-up or buddy movie though. I mean, this at all times remains a true Batman movie, in style and story and it's all still about its one main character but it still leaves plenty of room for Superman to do his thing and incorporate him into the movie effectively, as well as seamlessly.

The movie features some interesting dynamics and character arcs in it. This is actually what keeps the movie at all times going and interesting to watch, while there also still is plenty of action to enjoy.

It's of course ridicules to think that all animated movies are for kids only. We are now living in a day and age when it has become acceptable for adults to watch cartoons and also have movies out, catered just toward them. Fore this movie really isn't a children's movie neither. There is plenty of violence in it and literally dozens of innocent people get graphically killed, by one of the movie its villains (guess who?).

I like the sort of blocky animation style the movie has and it's obvious some real time and money got put in the production of this. It's not like this movie just looks or feels like an extended, ordinary, animated TV-series episode. It's definitely good to see there are big companies out there who are taking the genre serious and put out animated MOVIES, mostly aimed toward adults.

Can't really say that it's a perfect movie and I liked just about everything about it. Sometimes the movie feels a bit rushed for instance, which especially is the case with its final 5 minutes or so. Also not every voice in this impresses and I must say I'm not really sold yet on Michael Emerson as the new Joker. The dialog and voice acting is a bit too stiff and dry at times, which doesn't only applies to just Michael Emerson.

Other than that, this simply remains some fine quality entertainment, especially of course for those who really are into the Batman character and universe.


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