Just imaging "The Breakfast Club" not only gone wrong but also done wrong!

This movie is a weird blend of a whole bunch of different stuff. It uses the same premise as "The Breakfast Club", even though it tries very hard to distance itself from this, by acknowledging the fact that it's being a lot like a darker and less serious version of "The Breakfast Club". An interesting strategy but it of course can't conceal the fact that it's blatantly using similar settings, characters and plot-devices.

Guess you could say it still tries to be an original movie, by throwing a whole bunch of different stuff but this only makes the movie a very messy- and hard one to watch. The movie is filled with high school movie type of comedy and tries to mix it in with same serious horror and mystery ingredients. Some things just don't mix very well however, as this movie clearly proofs.

The movie is doing and trying so many different things, it's hard to tell after a while what the movie and its story is supposed to be all about. It's also very hard to feel involved with any of the characters or any of the mystery and thriller like developments because of that, that pretty much come out out of nowhere to begin with and aren't buildup or handled well at all.

It's not like the movie isn't trying very hard though to give things a meaning and provide the movie with some more depth and background information. It mostly does so by showing the background stories of its many different characters and how they are all connected and ended up at detention. Problem with all of these stories however is that none of them are very interesting or credible. Besides, all of the problems the main characters seemed to have are incredibly trivial, in my eyes.

Perhaps it also doesn't work out too well because the characters themselves aren't very good ones to begin with. They are heavily exaggerated stereotypes and no character in this movie feels like a real person. Also the horrible dialog ensures that none of them ever work out as convincing or even likable enough ones.

Next to its horrible dialog, the movie also has a terrible style to it. It tries to be all hip and fast paced by it actually only drags the movie down even more. The use of slow-motion is terrible and it makes you appreciate Zack Snyder movies all the more instead.

But thing that shall truly make you hate this movie is its ending. It's the sort of twist ending that doesn't make any sense in the context of the movie. It just wanted to surprise and it doesn't seem to bother the movie at all that it just doesn't make any sense and doesn't add up to anything. Such an unsatisfying climax and conclusion, for an already very messy, lacking movie.

Absolutely terrible!


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